The »eyes« of your machines are as good as yours - but faster.

The »eyes« of your crane are as good as your own – only, they can see everything at once.

The scenario:

There is always a latent risk of collision occurring between the different transport systems in container terminals despite clearly-marked lanes. Even though every crane may stick to its own movement profile, there is a  wide variety of functions and sizes, trucks, trailers, order-picking vehicles and so one, so disruptions nevertheless arise time and time again by getting dangerously close to one another or by blocked lanes.

Due to the vast dimensions of crane installations, the drivers of cranes and container bridges, whether rail mounted gantry (RMG) oder rubber-tyred gantry (RTG) models, are hardly able to keep every angle of the operating area safely and permanently in view.

The task:

What is needed is a sensor solution which can safely detect objects that are on collision course and which allows for all collision scenarios, particularly for:

  • Crane to Crane: Between container cranes and container bridges of all kinds
  • Crane to Obstacle: Any collision between cranes and obstacles, such as trucks / trailers, order-picking vehicles or containers.

Next to offering the option of the task-specific adjustment of the sensing zones, these collision protection systems have to be tough and resilient.

Extreme weather and climatic conditions can sometimes prevail at outdoor installations such as container terminals. Sensor systems which don't perform adequately due to solar radiation, wind, rain, snow, extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations and other mechanical influences, as well as electromagnetic influences, simply do not belong there.

The solution:

Sensors from the RadarRanger®-Serie series offer all the prerequisites for highly effective collision protection in container terminals: they have proved to be  extremely tough and resilient at every level, and absolutely reliable and safe in detecting objects.

These FMCW radar systems work within a frequency range of 24,000 to 24,250 GHz. The detection zone of the systems i.e. range of the antennae, can be variably configured depending on use, task profile or sensor position. Suitable types of device are available for setting up different beam angles.

RadarRanger® was specially developed for setting up collision protection systems for fast-moving dockside cranes, such as the Straddle Carrier, RTGC, RMGC, STS and OHBC.

These systems from Titze have proved their worth in collision protection scenarios all over the globe – also in the most important ports of the world.

Welcome to greater safety in container terminals.

Collision protection scenarios

Example: Ship-to-shore crane

Collision protection scenarios: 
Crane to crane and crane to obstacle

Required switching distance:

Up to 20 m (standard beam angle)


Example: RTG crane

Collision protection scenarios:
Crane to crane and crane to obstacle

Required switching distances:

Up to 40 metres (standard beam angle) 
for »crane to crane«

Up to 10 metres (standard beam angle) 
for »crane to obstacle«

Up to 10 metres (wide beam angle) 
in »cross travel«


Example: RMG crane with high driving speeds

Collision protection scenarios:
Crane to crane and crane to obstacle

Required switching distances:

Up to 60 metres (standard beam angle)
for »crane to crane«

Up to 20 metres (narrow beam angle)
for »crane to obstacle«


Example: ARMG (automated RMG)

with very high driving speeds of up to 300 m/min,
braking distances of up to approx. 40 metres

Collision protection scenario:
Crane to crane

Required switching distances:

Up to 100 m (narrow beam angle)

Greater versatility, greater safety, greater system availability: RadarRanger® collision protection systems are demonstrating their advantages for container terminals all round the globe – also in the most important ports of the world.

RadarRanger ®: Anti Collision Device

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