Impulses for higher plant safety, efficiency and system availability.

Color control of chocolate products.

Chocolate should taste like chocolate, not like sugar. And Titze can tell you the color of good taste.

The correct ingredient composition is a quality characteristic. And that is why STORCK applies precision color detection during production. Titze has developed a system for MERCI chocolate bars that checks the hue of the individual bars by means of optical sensors.

Level measurement in the food store.

Expansion sensors in the framework construction of the ingredient containers determine the weight of the contents and pass on the data to a control unit. The fill level of all containers in the stores can therefore be read at any time on the central control panel.

RadarRanger ®: Anti Collision Device

• high operating distance • insensibility against environmental conditions • wide temperatur range • high class of protection • heavy duty enclosure [more]

Plants and factories

Precision pick-up, rapid acceleration, gentle put-down – regardless of the dimensions you work in, quality and safety are important aspects ... and that is where we come in. [more]

Solutions for food industry

Monitoring, checking, measuring, positioning, dosing [more]